Monday, January 25, 2010


So I started this blog a year ago and you can see what a spectacular job I've done of updating it, so I've been thinking about narrowing my focus a bit so that I'll be more likely to post. I'm thinking about focusing in more on youth issues and specifically media (emphasis on books) created for youth and how much it reinforces kyriarchy. I'd be defining both "media" and "for youth" very widely -- more like media created for, or consumed by, or created about, or affecting youth -- whether it's intended for them or not. And not just recent media either. So maybe in the same way that Packaging Girlhood looked at what girls read, watch, listen to, wear, and its effects on them, maybe I can look at those things (with an emphasis on books) and their effect on all oppressed youth. I think I'd like to also have a Theory Corner for discussing ethnic/gender/sexuality/disability/women's studies. I'd also like to develop a list of criteria to be used when evaluating where a book/show/etc lies on the spectrum between having empowering messaging and downright alarming messaging. So look out for updates & reformulation ahead!

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susan said...

It's clear you have a lot to contribute to the discussion of children/YA literature and because I focus on girls and women, you really strike a chord with me.

Know you're being read and appreciated. Now how do we get you to leave your perch and join us elsewhere in the blogosphere? How are people going to learn about you if you don't venture out?

I'm linking your blog for Little Lov'n Monday.